Our Customers

  • "I absolutely love this hand sanitizer! It has a warm, spicy sweet scent that lingers in just the right way but is not overpowering like the headache inducing commercial hand sanitizer. It is not greasy and left my hands feeling moisturized and not dry, which is a must in Colorado! The fact that it is all natural without harmful chemicals was the icing on the cake!"
    Brittany lives in Colorado
  • Lovely! The smell is heavenly. Made my skin so soft. Love how these have all-natural ingredients, essential oils and no artificial coloring. Beautiful packaging. Would also make a nice gift for someone special or to pamper yourself. Highly recommend!
    Marci lives in New York
  • "I can’t say enough about this hand sanitizer! I absolutely love it! All of them smell amazing, no sticky feeling, and truly moisturizing. I have one in every bag, in each of our cars, and plan to send the kids to school with plenty in their backpacks!"
    Emily lives in Colorado
Peace of Mind, One Home at a Time

I hope you will join us to conquer toxic chemicals in our bath, body and home products, one home at a time.

Willows Marketplace is devoted to a clean, non-toxic lifestyle by using natural and pure ingredients to create bath, body and home products. Willows Marketplace products have been researched and developed for health-conscious homes looking for natural products free of chemicals. We create products to relieve the burden of sorting labels and researching the effects of ingredients on our bodies and in our homes.  With Willows Marketplace, there is never any guessing. 

Each product is handmade for you and those you love.

Our hope is that you will love our products while, at the same time, removing harmful chemicals from entering your home. 

Our offering is unrivaled quality products for everyday use that deliver peace of mind, one home at a time.

My Story

During an 8-year health battle, while juggling life as a full-time working mom, my health continued to deteriorate. I felt like I had tried everything eastern practices and western medicine had to offer. As an up-and-coming Human Resources executive, developing into a highly successful career, I was reaching for it all – and it was costing me everything.   

The path I was on was not sustainable for my health, nor the health of my family.  Yet along the way, in working to restore my health, I’d learned a great deal about the harm everyday products can have to our body and to our home.  Once I embraced letting go of achievement within the corporate world, I knew I wanted to spread the peace of mind I had found in a healthier lifestyle for me and my family. 

I devoted my passion to developing and sharing products with others who were also on the search for peace of mind. I connected with my amazing family and sweet friends to understand needs in their home and found many were on a similar path, looking for solutions. This journey has been fulfilling in so many ways. I truly believe, through creating clean, natural products, we can get back to a healthier way of life.

I am humbled that you would open your home to Willows Marketplace, and hope peace of mind in your home will quickly follow.